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CCcam Spiderbox manual

Steps for installing CCcam and the Clines

Install cccam with usb

1. Edit the file server.cfg copy the clines and save the file.
2. Copy the file server.cfg into the root of your USB Stick. Don´t copy it in a specific folder
otherwise the Spiderbox can´t read the file
3. Send the file to the Spiderbox
4. Don´t forget to enable your network, set it to DHCP
5. Reboot the box and start CCcam

Option 2) Install CCCam remote control

1. Go to Menu   ‐ Accessory ‐ Network
2. Enter your cline Host Name (IP address): Port:   User name: password: and APPLY. romeve the C: from the clines.
3. Restart the box 4.
Restart CCcam

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