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CCcam Opticum manual

Steps for installing CCcam and the Clines

Option1) CCcam installl using remote control unit

inputing server values using remote control unit:

1) Check if special functions are enabled (menu icon disabled, hit 8888 on remote in main menu if not)

2) Go into Server Setup submenu, (MENU.  Multimedia  Server Setup),press OK. on empty Server place

3) Put Server information into Server properties window A. Server Status (read only) B. Server Type C. Server Adress (External IP Adress for Internet sharing, internal for sharing in local earea Network) D. Server Port E. User ID F. User Password

4) Press red button to confirm changes

5) Connection is active, if connection icon and Start status infront of chosen server at server list

Option 2) Install CCCam using softcam.key file

Put server information in this order on the beggining of softcam.key file:
C: 20000 user1 pass1 Replace this cline with ours in the softcam.key file

C – CCCAMD flag – server IP adress or network ID
20000 – server port
user1 – user ID
pass1 – user password

WARNING: you can put 1 to 8 servers to connect To put server informations to receiverYou just need to update the softcam.key file in receiver just like software or channellist

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